View Poll Results: Would you try to stop a terroist hijacking your plane?

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Thread: Would you try to stop a terroist hijacking your plane?

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    if you where gonna die either way then might as well die trying to save yourself

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    Ah, but you might not be going to die..

    Maybe they are just nicking the plane (as they used to), and taking it somewhere iraq.

    But, yes..with knives i would without doubt slap them around the face...

    With a gun is different, however you can always pick the right time! No heroics until you have like 50-50 chance of winning.

    Maybe best to learn all about small arms, then you know that when they have killed 6(for example) people the gun will be empty....hehe
    Such is life.

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    Originally posted by Govtcheez
    But if you thought there was a great chance you would get shot in the head trying to do it, would you? I'm being serious - I'm not looking for "I'd do it, since it's the right thing and I want to be a hero".

    I knew I was gonna die for sure that the guy was going to crash the plane or something. Might as well give a shot and I'd have a chance of living.
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    I dont think the terrorist would work alone, there would probably be more than one to take out so it would be impossible to do so, but if there is one of them, sure I would try something.

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    Like most of the people here, I would LIKE to think that I'd be the brave one and take some action, but in the actual situation never know what would happen.

    This reminds me of all those school shootings that happen around the US (and the one recent one in Germany, if I'm not mistaken)... to think about it, why whouldn't someone just take the gunmen out? There were cases when the shooters ran out of boolets, reloaded, and went on with their rampage... why couldn't some big dude break a chair over their head while they're at it? - With all that considered, when this actually happens we don't know how we will react, fear is such a thing...

    There was a case when a guy tacked the shooter at one of the school, only after he was shot and he saw his girlfriend bleeding. One thing for sure is that it's really impossible to find out how one will react until somethign like this actually happens.
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    The likelihood of guns is slim in comparason to other weapons...

    in a situation where the terrorist uses sharp cutting objects (as seen in the WTC) I would do everything I could to incite other people to grab the terrorists and beat the crap out of them.

    A cut or two doesn't kill you if it isn't adequately placed, and it doesn't take much to tackle a guy while seven people are kicking him.

    So yes... I would in a heartbeat and with absolute certainty... and I would hope that others would come to my aid... but if not.... I am 6'3" and 250 pounds and know how to fight. I might get a blade broken off in my gut, but the other guy would lose and eye and an ear for sure. Hard to fight when you are missing an eye and your opponent is chewing on your ear.

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    hehe nice reply beta.......I am CERTAIN that if I came upon that situation and they had BOXCUTTERS as they are called in the US....They would have stood no chance...

    I dont get it?>>>>>>>>>they had box cutters?

    Man if the flight had 10 English bums on it.....the hi-jackers wouldve been in the S***..big style.

    Psychology says mind you that ALL the other posts saying they were unsure of how to react is correct...........

    Some quiet small dood may rip a terrorists throat out for all we know (with his teeth), but before the incident he may have been really quiet!

    Some hard big SOB may be too scared etc

    Oh yes, i did learn in my martial arts training that if the enemy cannot see, he cannot hurt beta right again i guess!
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    Cerainly. But use your brain first. Theres likely something that you yourself could rapidly get your hands on that could be used to your advantage. Though not likely specifically a weapon, then something that could be used as such. Something hard and heavyish that you've packed nearby perhaps? Something like a food tray that you could throw into the face then tackle. A split second can be all the time you need to reach someone with a knife. Especially with a couple of people helping out.

    Also... This may sound funny at first but paper can be a deadly weapon. I've rolled two standard sized sheets of paper in such a manner (not going to explain) that I was actually able to dent wood with the pointed end. I'm not kidding.

    Cant go swinging away with at least a little bit of a plan!

    >>I am 6'3" and 250 pounds and know how to fight. I might get a blade broken off in my gut
    I've proven on several occasions that I can sustain moderatly serious injury and still maintain a cool head until the situation is resolved. I think most people can do the same. Adrenalin is a [very] powerful thing. When its all happening you honestly cant feel the pain.

    Though of course this is not likely to happen to any of us.
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    >>This may sound funny at first but paper can be a deadly weapon.

    Not to mention keys and pens. Even coins can be thrown at a opponent to distract as you engage.

    In experiments into plane safety they found that people left in a orderly fashion as they knew it was an experiment. So they then offered a reward for the first people out of the plane. Soon found that males aged 18 - 25 are more likely to survive a plane crash as people fought to be first off.

    In other words, motivation is everything.
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    I dont get it. Why would you not want to go to Hawaii? Or maybe some other place.. like those pacific islands.

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    speaking of deadly weapons, "eat spORK MOTHER F---ERS!!!!".(do they even let you have sporks anymore?)

    is the last thing they would hear.

    live in fear, die in fear.
    live by fear, die by fear.

    The only thing that would give me pause other than common sense(eg. not jumping into five guys with guns at the same time), is the guy with the bomb strapped to his chest,he has to be the first guy down, and on top of that you have to completely disable him in the first second, before he can mash the damn trigger or what ever... , and if their crazy enough they'll shoot him and you too if your holding him, and if the bombs volatile or you lose your grip on him... everybody dies. so it would take a little planning, patience, calm, cool, and thought.

    >I dont get it?>>>>>>>>>they had box cutters?

    look, if they had the boxcutter to your girlfriends or the stewardesses neck things change a bit, suddenly the boxcutter is a deadly weapon, and one false move and somebody dies.

    look a bit different now, eh?
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    If the terroists were hijacking a plane and only had melee weapons, I guarantee that, if I was aboard, and there were not to many of them, I'd have a go. comb to the throat works wonders.

    guns are different, only if the guy makes the wrong move. . . and the other guy isn't about to kill me
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    if you see a gun onboard you'd be panic stricken and wouldn't even think of attacking the guy. but thats just you.

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    >>>if you see a gun onboard you'd be panic stricken and wouldn't even think of attacking the guy. but thats just you.

    I have had guns pointed at me and shot at me before. Not that it was great joy, but I wouldn't say that it would stop me from carpe'ing diem in a terrorist situation.

    A gun is a good thing while you are holding it... really bad when you lose it to an opponent.

    ....and as usual... L@D is right about everything, shows sound reasoning and great honor in character and action. There is a distinct difference between those that 'know' and those that suspect they would operate in any certain fashion for any given equation. Some humans can control their animalistic fight/flight mechanisms, and I couldn't think of many people that I would trust to act rather than freeze, than a person that can kill with paper.

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    I agree, my brother is the opposite of most people here. He is in the police force and has been awarded medals for bravery (though my mum calls it stupidity!!). One of the medals was for arresting a car thief. There was a group of car thieves that were going round a car park and my brother and his colleagues were watching them. The thieves broke into a car and at that point realised they were being watched so started it up and accelerated. My bro ran up, put his baton through the driver's window and leapt onto the bonnet of the car. He then reached round through the smashed window and grabbed hold of the driver's throat. The thief kept on driving down the road at up to about 30mph until he lost control and hit a wall, throwing my brother off the car. Loads of police then pulled up in cars and dragged the thieves to the floor for my brother to arrest!! But he always says that if he were to think about a situation like that first, he would be sensible about it and just call the helicopter out or set up a road block. That's his problem he doesn't think, he just acts!!

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