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    I think it is in Florida. I am not 100% sure though. It cost a little more than usual colleges take that into account.
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    "I heared that you don't have to take English and Foreign languages cause you are doing CS."

    Ok, maybe foreign language was a particularity on my part, i'm sure some schools will accept 2 years of foreign lang. in high school. Or maybe score high on an sat-ii exam covering a specific language, or maybe passing some foriegn lang. placement exam they have available. all in all i'm quite sure the majority of universities want you to see that you've had some kind of foriegn language experience. Only exception i can think of are for like the "core" engineering majors like ee, mechanical, chemical, etc... Because these guys really do have much more, and a lot more, things to take care of than forieng lang (CS, as taylorguitarman mentions, will most likely be offered through the college of arts and sciences; not the college of engineering). But surely a university will expect you to AT LEAST take a freshmen course in english. Please fill me in which schools do not have an english/writing requirement (damn shouldn't went there! lol).

    "How many classes do you need to have minimum per semester in University for CS?"

    Depends, do you want to finish in 4 years or 6? The question is, is how many units are required to graduate, and i would say probably ~128 - 132 semester units (not quarter, semester. if you want quarter than multiply 128 by 1.5; i think that's the conversion) Note, this varies but should at least be up there around 128 which is like 16 units a semester for 4 years. But again, as ober5861 mentions, it varies.

    If you really want to check out some CS programs, then type this format as a URL: http://www.cs.<name of school>.edu; examples: , , etc... This should give you a feel for what a "traditional" univ cs program looks like; might even have info on IT stuff as well.

    "If you want to go into game programming, there is a college called Full Sail, which is rated 2nd in the nation as a computer programming college."

    About game programming, isn't there some place called digi-pen or something too (i guess you can learn to make games for nintendo)?
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