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    Question Visual Basic Compilers

    I'm interested in studying Visual Basic and was just wondering where would be the best place to get a compiler from?

    Any personal recommendations?

    Thanks in advance

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    As good as anywhere.....

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    Any personal recommendations?
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't the compiler from Microsoft the only one?

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    Unfortunately, you're not wrong.

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    Okay then....

    Just as a final question, would any of you consider it worthwhile learning VB? I currently have a fair knowledge of C, and PASCAL, if that means anything to anyone (I don't expect it to.. )


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    advice from experienced VB programmer

    stack to C / C++
    if ur into learning more about programming languages just for knowldgment and fun go ahead for VB

    if ur into make some real programming (stack to c/c++), as u couldnt do in VB all u can do in C++, while u can in C++ do all u could in VB

    plus C++ programmer worth more money

    and this doesnt mean I dont appreciate VB as a good programming language , but C++ is better one
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    VB is good for quick Win32 apps which don't need blazing speed.
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    VB is nice for quick GUI apps and in use in many corporations today. It will be replaced by C# or VB.NET though. As always, knowing all three would be perfect, but with limited time, chose one to learn first. C# or VB would be best.

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