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    Question Why Does This Happen?


    When I try to start a game such as: Soldiers Of Fortune or Shogun Total War: Warlord Edition my computer restarts. Why does this happen?

    I am using 550 intel processor, Viper 2 video card, 126 ram, and Windows 2000.

    Thank you in advanced,

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    update you drivers,
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    >126 ram

    Exchange your RAM modules, if this is the correct number,
    you've got problems..


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    oooo, i didn't even see that (nv).

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    >>and Windows 2000.

    Most games were written for WIN 98/95... most of them run on ME. The ones that do should run on 2000 but won't run on NT. Barring any hardware malfunctions... update your directX drivers and device drivers for sound and video.

    Or if you have another hard drive (or empty partition), install ME on it... 2000 will boot both. I have ME/2000/RH7.1 all on the same computer. It really isn't that hard to do.


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