Thread: Can anyone get me this file of cpp's?

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    Can anyone get me this file of cpp's?

    The file's name is "", I've only found it on one page. It contains cpp's of the example programs, from a book I'm using.

    I couldn't get it myself, so I would be pleased if anyone could get it to me and upload it to this thread.

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    what book?

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    The only page returned from google:

    Oh, and you can get that zip from the website.

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    Here ya go...

    It was too big to attach.

    Google is king

    edit// damn I'm slow

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    Sorry, there's no way I can access FTP, can't anyone please upload it somwhere else

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    To access ftp servers wothout an FTP program:
    ftp://theaddress in your address bar of your web browser

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    That's not the problem. I can't access it because of my firewall, which I can't change. You can upload the file here if you split it up using win RAR, please, this is very important to me

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    I finally got it!!! Many thanks to all of you that have helped/tried to help me here

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