Thread: help (C or C++) gui's

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    help (C or C++) gui's

    ok, i have already learned the basics (and more) in C, and i don't really want to switch languages after going through all the time and work to learn C, but theres one problem. In the borland C++, for windows, it churns out gui's really fast, and you just code it to interpret data from each object ( i guess?) , but anyways it turns out windows/dialog boxes, buttons, ect. really fast. now i think there is a way to code a c program to do this to, but is there a way to make C programs with GUI's, such as a program like the borland C++ for windows, but only that uses the C language?

    anyways thanks for your help.
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    Look on the windows board or search for WIN32 API. This is the C API that the C++ wrappers (like Delphi and MFC) are built on.
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