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    You custom design, build, and install, information system applications for small businesses using an Open Source operating systems. The other thing you do is take advantage of the superior learning environment. You can make contributions to Open Source however you should sell your designs to prospectors as well, that is sell the designs and then leak them out to the Open Source community over time. You will get paid for what you know. In addition there will be many additional avenues in the future. Above all you must interpret situations and don't be constrained by vendors, you must be original.

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    That's funny...just the other day i found a job opening for an Open Source Web Developer with knowledge of python, Zope, FreeBSB, and PostgreSQL (All are open source products). It paid between $35 to $45 dollars an hour (U.S.). That's a decent amount of money.

    You can find jobs that require knowledge of open source products. check out monster and hot jobs and enter python, perl, linux, or even TCL (not to mention the C/C++ jobs) and you'll see there are plenty of jobs out there.

    You might have a better chance getting a job working with Open Source applications, since everyone and there mother claims to be proficient and C and Java. Some recent college grads have never even heard of python and certainly don't have a working knowledge of it, yet the demand for python programmers is out'll have an advantage over some of your competition anyway...

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    Okay, I'm going to do my usual and make myself a target for inane comments; here's the truth:

    >> do you know VB?

    >> VB is an interpreted language
    True. That is specifically why it requires a runtime. The runtime is compiled to a binary executable that interprets the _tokenized_ VB script.

    >> VB can be as fast as any C program!!!
    Not true, because of it's runtime component. It's really the difference between a microsecond and a millisecond. Indistinguishable to the human, but easy to see with an oscilloscope.

    In fact, I used this test to demonstrate the difference between C and VB to a friend of mine who is a professor at a local university. It was an eye-opener for the professor.

    We each wrote a small program to generate a 1-microsecond pulse connecting the PC to an oscilloscope via USB (because that port is fast enough).

    We fired the program up and watched the scope. "Aha!" my colleague said and pointed to the clean 1-millisecond pulse on the scope-- there it is!"

    I was kind in pointing out that the trace he pointed at was mine. I then pointed at the other trace which showed a raised signal right off the screen. I began changing the scale until _finally_ his pulse showed up. 237-milliseconds later, his pulse ended.

    He walked away and hasn't spoken to me since.

    >>VB could be, in actual fact, a way to
    >>keep programmers away from languages
    >>such as C, and control
    Uh, no. Follow the money trail. VB is simply easier to learn and work with than a lower-level language like C. Thus, more people can grasp or master it, and Microsoft makes more money.

    VB is a fine language. I've done many things with it. I don't consider it suitable for professional-grade (ie. commercial) products, but it is fine for small things.

    Microsoft used VB for many of the drivers in Windows (that is one of the reasons Windows has some stability issues)-- and you can witness this first hand whenever you BSOD with a 'VxD' error-- the VB runtime of some driver component just choked on something (not necessarily its fault) and couldn't back out gracefully.
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    Sorry, Sayeh - you missed the boat on this - this thread's been dead for over a month.

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