Thread: computer doen't start

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    Ah, we've got it licked now-- I discovered the problem!

    -- Loose nut between keyboard and chair.

    Just remove that and I'm sure it'll work. How'd you login, by the way?

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    no no no... this is a ID-TEN-T problem.. please use correct protocol in fixing your problem. It's either that or a PEBKAC issue that needs to be discussed further

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    Hey golfinguy:How do you know he uses a tower?And yeah,how DID you log in,other comp?

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    I'm telepathic.

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    I don't think he has a tower. I think all the parts are laying around in a bonzi-marthan configuration (aka 'a-pile-of-junk). Quite common for people that live in corn fields where the humidity reaches at least 78%.

    I think computing barefoot would be my first step to solving this problem, followed shortly by solving the cranial-rectal dysfunction plague that is inherent in humid corn fields. Not to mention the crucial step of sitting on the monitor whilst determining the symantics of world peace.

    These solutions can fix issues like,

    "I have no monitor, can I plug the VGA cable into my nose."

    "My hard-drive doesn't vibrate properly when inserted into my arse."

    "My computer keeps ordering me to kill people. (After I kill the dog for telling me not to, of course)."

    "My processor just doesn't chop tomatoes finely enough for a caeser salad."

    "Why don't the stamps stuck to my monitor go anywhere when I send an email?"

    "My mouse keeps biting me."

    "Are printed pizzas as edible and nutritious as the real thing?"

    "My computer keeps telling me to press any key, but I cannot find the any key anywhere."

    "When I run my program, it just opens up, closes, the house catches fire, and my head explodes."

    Among many more....

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