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    Pop ups

    I know the webmaster doesn't like pop ups. And neither do I
    But I have a few. Example with the Snagg-it banner. And I think there are more. I PM him about it on 04-17-2002. Message still unread.
    Webmaster, do you check your Private messages????

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    Webmaster has been away for a rather long time now. There was a thread being built by myself and adrianxw on the Mod board that had reached a full two pages as we reported them happening. The webmaster replied once that he would look into it but has since had other [unknown] things that are demanding all his attention.

    Best I can say is that one day, at some point, someone will investigate. *shrug* Apparently its not supposed to be happening.
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    thx for the info

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    Wow! And I thought this was normal.
    I even clicked the banner here and there to contribute.
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    It happens, I'd say, 99% of the time that I get a popup here.

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    >>It happens, I'd say, 99% of the time that I get a popup here.

    Yeah me too, I always get an intell one, and since this is a computer board, I just thought it was normal to have computer related ads.

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    I installed zone alarm, no popups, no ads!!!!
    i used to get em b4 though!
    oh i'm sorry! i didn;t realize my fist was rushing to meet ur face!

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