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    Smile Non programing Question

    I am hoping some one will be able to help me with a no programing question??
    I am running Win Xp so I am unable to play around and try to find the answer.
    The problem is this..... A friend has Win 98 first edition on his machine and is
    trying to load some software that needs Win 98 SE. He does not want to reformat
    as he has a lot of data he can not back up and does not want to loose it.
    Is there a way of loading Win 98 SE on top of Win 98 FE so that settings ect are
    not lost

    many thanks Bob

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    Sorry I forget to include e-mail so that board is not cluttered with repls.


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    Try downloading and installing all of the Win98 FE service packs at and then try to run the program.

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    Should have said I do have the Win98 SE CD and boot disk.
    Does this mean I can some how update his machine with my disk.


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    Put the CD into the drive and choose upgrade. Just don't choose clean install or else you will have big problems. Another option is to try downloading that service pack. Maybe that will be enough.

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    you can get an upgrade cd for like 20 bucks... do a search on google or check

    I did it... worked like a dream

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