Thread: What can I do to prepare for a career in Info. Systems Management.....

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    What can I do to prepare for a career in Info. Systems Management.....

    What should I do outside of class. Is there any special skills I should beef up on? Should I work on my programming skills or concentrate more on somthing else? Can any Information System Managers or people in a related field give me some advise. Im a current student, hardworker ( who really doesnt like programming ) but looks foward to career in working with computers. Any Advice??????????

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    Is this a troll, i have no idea what a 'troll' is. Your not likey to get much input on your question in a programming forum.
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    You should concentrate on those skills you have fun practicing, because these are the skills you will have to use to have a happy life and good job. If you are interested in X, make sure you learn about it. You won't be happy working with Y later if you don't care for Y.

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    If you don't like programming, look into networking or something else. Computers aren't a magic career choice if you don't like them. Even if you learn the technology, you won't be happy if it's not what you want.
    In my experience, there's programming, database, networking, and office tasks involved in computers. Stuff like system administration comes under networking a/o database, etc. It helps to have familiarity with other areas. One prof had a presentation from the accounting dept. as a real world example.
    Also in my experience, programmers and network people are separate types. Database can be full time, or can bridge the two, maybe more towards the programming side. But programmers don't like networking, and vice versa. IME.
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