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    new DirectInput tutorial....

    I just loaded a DirectInput tutorial onto my game's website for anyone who's interested. I'm assuming this isn't considered SPAM since it refers to a C++ tutorial (as well as future tutorials/code snippets), but if anyone does consider it SPAM I'll delete it.

    It's my first attempt at writing a tutorial so let me know if you think it needs tweaking. I tried to make it brief but also make sure I didn't leave anything out.

    The rest of the site is just coming together but eventually I am going to have at least 2 more C++ tutorials (DirectSound and DirectMusic), VB tutorials for all 3 (DI, DS and DM), my current game's design doc. (SkyLock), code snippets from the game, some 3dsMax tutorials featuring art from SkyLock, a developer diary and full source for the tools that I've written/am writing to support the game's development.

    The main page is here.

    Because GeoCities puts those ads in the top right corner of the screen I've purposely written all the HTML to line up on the left side of the screen and start a new line before the ad.

    I hope to have the DirectSound tutorial (C++) and the VB DirectInput tutorial up by the end of this week as well as some code snippets from the game and some the design doc. I'm in the process of converting everything over into HTML right now.

    Let me know what you think.
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    Those buttons and the title look really cool. Pretty good site overall; good job.

    A few suggestions I have:

    1) Line up the Skylock: Cyborga in the middle (below the ad).
    2) Put the link buttons below the title lined up the left side
    3) Put a small space in between each button.

    *Additional* 4) In between the small spaces of each button you could put a chain link. Something like a spiraling chain that appears to be connecting each of the buttons.

    Regardless, though, your site rules over mine. Then again mine has no purpose of being appealing.

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