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    Talking Generous Webmaster?

    I have written a few applications in C/C++ and a few scripts in php, and I am getting really sick of free hosts who have horrible support for CGI, php, and MySQL. I was hoping there was a generous webmaster who is willing to donate 20 megs of space on their server with php, CGI (perl), and MySQL support. I would just like to have some space on a decent server (Unix/Linux if possible) that is banner free so I can FREELY distribute my applications and scripts, the site would be low traffic. I would of course be happy to help you with any thing I could (writing php scripts or applications in C++).

    You can contact me at

    Thanks So Much!

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    Search for the criteria you desire.

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    check out I'll host your stuff, post on the boards and I'll give you some details

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