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    win 2K

    Hi ,

    Recently installed win 2000 and was wondering if anyone has this os running a conexant hcf 56k pci modem.

    Ive checked the HCR and cant find what im looking for , although the install dis has drivers these are installed, but when I dial out u can hear the tones and then the modem tries to connect and then returns a NO CARRIER detected error.

    Basically I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and what they did to solve it (Otherwise suppose Ill have to buy a real modem)

    I have checked the wait for dialtone checkbox BTW.

    Modem works fine using win 98.

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    I had a conexant modem and had problems with it. I think I downloaded some updated drivers which solved my problem. It was a few years back now.. can't remember so good.

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