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    Outdated equipment

    I'm sitting down to test my program, and instead of what I really need (a RTU rack that's in use by someone else), I'm going to be hooking it up to a state of the art Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100. Yes, that's right. A trash 80. A portable trash 80. Y'know what? As stupid and crappy and outdated as it is, I love playing with it... Got a piece of computing history on my desk... Almost makes me nostalgic (if I had programmed when these were hot)

    Anyone else got smth like this, or am I losing it?

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    >Anyone else got smth like this, or am I losing it?

    My computer
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    I have a TSR 80 from Radio Shack, but I have not set it up for many years. It's just an antique now. I'm currently running two good systems, one of which is a 1.4 Ghz AMD.
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