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    Of course imagine downloading one of those larger browsers ...

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    >i did download opera a couple of months ago on 56k modem & it took forever!! when the download was finally completed and i installed it, it didn't connect to the internet! re-installed, messed with stuff no point & that got me mad so i just uninstalled & deleted it all!<

    What Operating system are you running. When I was using 98 I belive the dialing box came up automaticly but with XP I have to manualy dial. IE does bring the dialing box up.

    I have to Manualy bring the connect box up in order to use AIM.
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    Anyone try Mozilla? I prefer that over opera... they're pretty close though.

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    Me, i use k-meleon, it still in beta and you can't download thing's yet but i like the interface over mozilla or opera.
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