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    That's because it's easier to target stupid COM holes or Outlook issues, it's easier for the kiddies to write up VBSript and send it through doesn't say a thing about the OS, but the general laziness of these virus writers.
    no that is due to the fact that no good linux admin will run software as root(most run it in a jail)... if does'nt run it as root its confined to certain areas and wil not be able to mess your box up... that is unless the virus comes with a exploit that will attempt to grab root...

    in general it is extremely hard to write a good virus for linux...

    as for the security of xp im not impressed... an exploit that affects all xp boxes and gives you root! (Plug and Play)

    as for the future uptimes of xp i really doubt your gonna get close to anything over 6 months... windows seems to require a lot of reboots when you change the slightest things... other than that those pesky blue screen also take care of any high uptimes...

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    There's no true answer to that. They're both great depending on what you want to do, how you want to do it, and what format it's got to be in
    Actually , this is the best we could say...
    I mean, Ken is actually right here. I could never dream of teaching my parents Linux .... :P


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    I can't even teach my parents windows....

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