Thread: My job offer!!

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    Post My job offer!!

    I've recently recieved my diploma in C programming, and most impressive it is too..

    During my studies, I had a CV done for free by a company called Software Professionals, they know of all my many talents and abilities and select jobs for me to apply for, this is their current offering:

    'Working with the current Information Systems unit, you will gain expierence and training in the current development tool set of Oracle, Lotus Notes, and Tandem Mainframe Cobol programming.

    You will have completed formal training in computing, including programming. Also desirable is a recognised qualification in an IT related discipline and demonstrable practical expierence in one or more (company name) core IT skills.

    Appointments are for a two year period.'

    So, my question is this...

    Would this be a venture I should consider partaking in?? considering I spent quite sometime learning C, and was thinking about going towards C++... I see this offer more of a backwards step in programming terms... maybe I'm wrong... It's always possible...

    It's probably worth mentioning that'd it'd be my first job in computing and is a trainee position...


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    Take it. It's a foot in the door, if nothing else. Don't look at it as a step backwards - no one likes to think that you're lowering yourself to their level. Think of it as just learning new things.

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    >>> you will gain expierence

    Important words.
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    Can you offer me a job offer too?
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    yes even i need a job...............Can you offer me too a job offer ?

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