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    >And let's also not forget Jupiler

    That's a very good one! In our city there is a Belgium beer pub (?), anyway in Dutch "Belgisch bier cafe", where they have a lot of Belgium beers from all classes. Jupiler is the standard if you just order a beer. I've never had Maes, but I'll try that.

    In the Netherlands we have just a few good beers, my favourite is Gulpener Dort, the other one is Brand. But I usually drink Palm.

    If I am correct, then in the Netherlands one is not allowed to buy alcoholic drinks, like beer, when one is younger than 16. But there is no one who really cares about it, only the government says it cares about.

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    >>only the government says it cares about
    same here but when they say that, they use this smily alot

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