Thread: My First Game!!!

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    My First Game!!!

    This game took me like over a month to make, and every time I think I'm almost done, I find more bugs. But now I think I really am done. So try it out, and tell me what you think!

    I must warn you though, it does use BGI graphics, so it is quite ugly and slow.

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    wow... really nice for a first game.

    I want to make a break out type game but I couldnt figure out how to make th ball move right.. how did you do it?
    What is C++?

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    Basically, I just added the difference between the current X and Y values and the old x and y values to the current values, ie

    int x=1, y=1;
    int xold=0, yold=0;

    Then to make it bounce back you just change the old value for example, to make it bounce left, you'd say

    My friend told me to give the ball a velocity variable, but i thought that was too complicated, so I did this instead.

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