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Thread: hats in a building

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    I always wear a crucifix around my neck (it's a pretty gold one on a pretty gold chain ), should I never wear a hat then? C'mon, that's just taking respect to the extreme...I'm pretty sure that Jesus wouldn't want me getting skin cancer on my nose, would he?

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    My high school allowed us to wear hats (and college too), but individual teachers sometimes made you take them off during class. One of my older teachers didn't like them because students could lower the brim and she would be unable to see their eyes (which is impersonal and can be considered disrespectful). So we respected her and took off our hats during class. Besides cheating, for which there are many other ways, her reasoning was probably the most sensible. I see no problem with not allowing hats out of respect for the teacher.
    Sadly, I have the feeling that the schools are not allowing hats now for more trivial reasons than respect for the teacher, which is pathetic.
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    This whole "no hats" thing just discriminates against people with bad hair.

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    "Why? Explain to me why and I will listen."

    Basically, its because of a few verses taken out of context. Paul told the Jews not to wear hats in the temple because wearing hats symbolised the old covenant, when they had been freed from it. But to apply this to gentiles would be erroneus becuase they were never under the law.

    In conclusion, there's no (religious) reason not to wear a hat.

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    I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and beliefs. I dont wear a hat indoors, do to my belief.

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    >>Basically, its because of a few verses taken out of context.

    Exactly. Out of context. Its a misinterpretation. Meaning theres no valid theological reason behind it.

    >>I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and beliefs.

    Of course. Which is exactly why everyone should have the option.

    >>I dont wear a hat indoors, do to my belief.

    More power to you. So what if someone made a rule that said you must wear a hat indoors? Its just as stupid.
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    so.............just don't wear the damn hat.

    get a life instead.
    Such is life.

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