Thread: What I Wan't For Christmas!

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    Originally posted by Fordy
    Personnaly... I would settle for this

    But I cant see Santa approving of it
    I used to have one of those, but I pawned it
    and bought a game...
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    Drewpee: How bout we pool our money and get one of those
    things? We can keep it at my house.

    rick barclay
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    Great idea, rick! but then my mom might wonder why I'm flying to freehold all the time...

    I think we should pool our money and buy the sun system (God that thing was beautiful! The specs made me weep... ) and then add on a monitor from that other system...then keep it at my house...duh.

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    Alright Rick, you can have it weekdays, I'll take custody weekends. Provided you can supply a stable home for it.
    You know, providing for a monitor like that is a huge responsibility!

    Oh yeah, we'd have to opt for the digital 6 channel theatre sound system.
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    >A santa suit is a good choice... or maybe a schoolgirl outfit.... um... gotta go <

    ok, just go, i won't comment :P

    >Girlfriend - Santasuit ????
    Or am I getting too crude for ya<

    not even a bow?!?!

    >uhm... let's say I don't care for the Santa Suit *eg*

    it will come to that (nv),Fordy

    and there's something you should understand, i wasn't taking about a WHOLE BIG SANTA SUIT WITH THE BEARD AND EVERYTHING JEEZ!! excuse me, but i mean maybe a small santa inspired outfit, such as a long sleeved red jacket, and a short red skirt, both with the trimmings, and a hat to match. Is that so bad?

    maybe im still to young i don't know, but to quote Govt "Sure, that'd be nice eventually, but ya gotta start somewhere, right?"

    right?!??!!!? , you shouldn't skip steps there is a procedure to everything ya know.
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