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    New Language

    Has anybody looked at this

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    There was a discussion on this about 6 months ago, and I haven't heard its name since. It's not going anywhere. It's a gimmic. I didn't read the site but it's ugly. If they can't make a pretty site they must be crappy programmers so the language sucks.

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    Oh and it seems like a platform dependant crap version of Java.

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    i never checked out that link, but i read it in a mag a few months ago and it said that it"s a "it's a new version of C/C++, just as powerfull, but without the complexities" or something like that!
    i don't knoe if that"s true though because i never tried it....
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    it's a simplified version of C++. preprocessor commands are wiped out, garbage collection takes place, and functions can return more than one argument.

    there's no reason for this language.

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    just because a website isn't beautiful doesn't make the person that wrote it a bad programmer. Websites are meant to convey information, not to be beautiful works of art for the world to savour and adore.

    Look at bjarne's site for example.. he INVENTED C/C++ and his site is simple.

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    people should understand that C++ is complex for a reason. To give it more control. If you want something simple, try Visual Basic.

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    >>Look at bjarne's site for example.. he INVENTED C/C++ and his site is simple.

    And what would the address of this site be?

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    If you go to google and search for "creator of C++" you would see his site as the first hit..........
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