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Thread: Where is osama?

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    I think that means "laughing out loud at Stevey"...
    oh i'm sorry! i didn;t realize my fist was rushing to meet ur face!

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    I saw him at my local McDonalds the other day. He ordered a big mac meal and said he was in a hurry.

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    I saw a funny thing on Jay Leno right after the attacks called, "Where's Osama Bin Hidin'?" They had look alikes posing as funnythings like male strippers.

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    what do you call a redundant terrorist ??

    bid laid off !!

    Two Palestinian women in a shop comparing clothing, looking in a mirror....

    one says to the other "Does my bomb look big in this ???"

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    lol it's so wrong yet funny........
    There are some real morons in this world please do not become one of them, do not become a victim of moronitis. PROGRAMMING IS THE FUTURE...THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!!!!!!!

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    Originally posted by stevey
    >>and what the hell, if US didn't put it's nose in every stinking situation, then they wouldn't have been attacked.........................

    the main gripe of bin leadhead is as he has said himself...

    1) US troops present on sacred holy soil of Saudia Arabia, even tho' these troops are there to protect SA from invasion by Saddam(and are there by invite of the Saudi government)
    Especially makes his blood boil that dirty unclean US serviceWOMEN are there. those dirty inferior women !!!
    2) US support for Israel and responsibility for massacreing Palestinians, even tho' its the UN that set up the state of Israel, and the US tries to restrain Israel and broker peace.
    3) US attacked Iraq and killed Muslims. How dare Christians be allowed to kill Muslims!!!! we want revenge.
    3) the US is a disgusting beacon of free speech and democracy, capitalism and religous tolerance, and equality for the inferior species that is women.
    4) US and western countries are nominally Christian or godless infidels and they have most of the money and power in the world. this is disgusting, muslim countries should be the most powerful, we are pure and superior in the eyes of Allah.

    that seems to be about it. so to say its all about the US putting its nose in every stinking situation is just plain ridiculous. without US troops in SA and Kuwait, then Saddam controls Kuwait and Saudia Arabia. not a good idea.

    the reason for sept 11th in a nutshell is extreme religous intolerance. the desire to bomb the US and then western christian countries into the dark ages and to reassert extreme Islamic doctine over the whole world. to cause a Jihad to finally convert all people to his extreme version of an Islamic
    state, a teleban-type state.

    it was never going to happen. moderate muslims condemn his actions. there will be no jihad.
    Well stated... there are a few smart people left in the world. Exactly the way I see it.

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    if you say Stevey that there is going to be no jihad then r u supporting some kind of war?
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