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    >Denilson... I want to see him play 90 mins, He's the best
    >dribbler i have ever seen.

    The Brasilian are all good dribblers, but they didn't show. Maybe they couldn't, because the Germans defended very well. Roberto Carlos and Cafu, they usually come up a lot to the front, but against the Germans they couldn't.

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    Originally posted by Shiro
    Next time the World Cup is in Germany?
    The commentator for one of the UK channels said that due to a change in FIFA rules, Brazil will be forced to qualify for the next world cup....supposedly winning the competition does not give automatic qualification as it always did......

    But the rules were not changed for the hosting of the tournament, therefore Germany dont have to qualify even though they lost the final......Ironic huh?

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    Originally posted by nvoigt
    Everyone seems to blame it on Kahn, but in fact, even if he had kept that ball under control, without scoring a goal of our own, it's impossible to win. And we didn't.
    No No, I am not blaming Kahn for the WC loss. If it wasn't for his tremendous goalkeeping throughout the series I am sure Germany wouldn't have reached the finals.

    Everbody makes mistakes.. it is just that after almost a perfect series he made just one mistake and Ronaldo snapped it up. (Even Ronaldo was denied a couple of goals earlier by Kahn.)
    And the strikers couldn't score.

    Had the match had gone into penalties i would bet my money on Kahn rather than Marcos.

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