Thread: XP with modem problems

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    XP with modem problems

    I've been having some problem with the compatibility (i guess its the compatibility) with my modem, internet, and XP.

    It happens about once a week.

    About once a week, while I am on the internet, my internet service will suddenly give me a message that I have been disconnected.

    However, even though it gives me the message, it does not act like it. It does not disconnect my instant messenger, and does not disconnect me from anything else, although the services do have the symptoms of not being disconnected, aka...even though it doesnt disconnect me from AOL IM, nobody can receive my messages.

    but then it wont let me actually "disconnect" from my internet service. Although my internet service says I am disconnected, XP thinks I am connected, and whenever I try to open up the modem status window, it just pops open and closes instantly, not allowing me to hit disconnect.

    So then even when I shut the modem down manually (by flicking the little button), XP still thinks I am connected. Finally after I log off and log back on XP thinks I am disconnected, but even then, it wont let me connect to the internet unless I reboot.

    If I try to connect to the internet withouth rebooting, it says that there is no modem found (and yes, I did turn the modem back on....and that also happens before I flick the switch to turn the modem off....I get that message whenever this happens, whether before I log off or after I log off). The only way for it to redetect the modem is for me to reboot the entire computer.

    Has anybody experienced this problem at all with their internet? (for those of you who, like me, still use 56k modems and not cable or DSL)

    Cant tell whats wrong..
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    Same sort've thing happens to me (and I have XP)

    Also, sometimes when I go to reconnect (if it's my second or third time reconnecting without rebooting) it'll connect perfectly, but I won't be able to do the modem is connected to the internet, but XP won't allow anything to USE the internet for some I have to reboot.

    ::thinks about buying 2K::

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    win2k prof rules!

    anyhow, my dad's laptop does the same thing with DSL though, it says it's connected, but can't access the internet.

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    Same problems here when I HAD dialup
    Although it was a Win modem; is yours?

    I forget the exact symptoms, but your symptoms sound similar; after being disconnected I couldn't reconnect.

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    Windows recently put out (no pun intended) a patch to deal with modem difficulties.

    You can download it and see if it'll help y'all out. Name of the patch: HSP56 World MicroModem Drivers.

    My WinXP Pro downloaded automatically when I upgraded to XP.

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    Xp or not XP?

    I've been hearing a lot of bad stuff about XP. Is it just because it's newer than everything else, or are there really major bugs in it?

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    Re: Xp or not XP?

    Originally posted by Sean
    I've been hearing a lot of bad stuff about XP. Is it just because it's newer than everything else, or are there really major bugs in it?
    For me it was a choice between the lesser of 2 evils: ME or XP Pro?

    ME was getting on my nerves, bad! Keept BS'ing on me every few minutes. Everytime the kids tried to download a new game or tried running a game, BS. Well when a dll got corrupted, I formatted it and installed XP (since I got a free copy from work, O, I'm evaluating it alright! )

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    Ok when you start XP the modem has to be on if you have to wokr withh it... Or else it says no modem.. To get around this problem.. Go to controll pannel and phone and modem setting there.. there it will show your modem but will say not present on the right hand corner.. Now click add new modem and click bext.. It will try to detect a modem and will say no modem found.. Install manully etc etc.. Now click cancel and you will see that the modem status is present.. Now you can connect to the net as you normally do.. hope this solves the problem..

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    I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fix it...see, it detects the modem fine, but after you've disconnected once or twice it won't reconnect you right. I mean, it interacts with the modem actually connects you to your ISP...but from there on it doesn't do anything.

    Oh well, I have a flat rate plan, so we try to keep the internet connection open all day.

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    XP says i have to download drivers for my modem before it can install it

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    Cant say my XP was easy to perfect, but now it is superb. The modem troubles i had (like yours-sort of) were fixed by getting the official patches, but i really think what fixed mine was updating the modems drivers..They were very difficult to find, but they were out there.
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