Thread: windows admin access arghs! [and argc and argvs too!]

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    effectively yes. since i built the dang thing myself [and program for it... btw]... aside from that it's the one in my room, effectively my computer... shelled out too many minimum wage bucks for ram and hd... we don't have any problems with security in our household... seeing as we're family...

    oh... and i couldn't find any pwd files... some pwl files, but those didn't work...

    any other ideas?
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    DA, to the best of my knowledge and experience, WinMe
    does not have an administrative services feature, only NT,
    Win 2k pro. There are a few things you can try. Did you
    log off and reboot? Did you check to make sure your login
    names are exactly the same for each computer on your
    network? You could also try disconnecting your network
    and then trying to install Encarta. Your post was a little bit confusing.
    I'm not sure whether you can't install Encarta or you can't
    log onto your computer. I would guess you can't log on but
    the computer boots anyway without network support. Another
    alternative you could try is to remove all your networking
    protocols and your nic card in the bad computer and then
    reinstall WinMe, then reinsert your nic and let Windows
    detect it, and reinstall the networking portocols. Of course,
    before you do any of that, you should maybe install the
    Encarta program. LOL.

    rick barclay
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