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    Well I'm 14 - and actually looking at a PhD in Math, but then, who the heck wants a math major to work for them for 8 years while they get a doctorate? Any ideas on that path. I know it's not programming, but programming is mostly math, and this is GENERAL DISCUSSIONS, with a caoption specifying for non-programming related topics, so any ideas on what I could do?

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    Originally posted by compjinx
    Any suggestions on how to develop those skills?
    As far as basic tech stuff:
    I bought a crappy old system that struggled to run Win98 second-hand from someone A LONG time ago. I took it apart as far as I could without breaking down individual components ( alas, I've never seen the innards of a harddrive....). Then put it back together. I added components and just pretty much played with it. Anything to get comfortable with the general components of a PC.

    Most tech work is REALLY basic stuff. From talking to some of the local PC Repair Shops they almost never deal with anything you'd consider difficult. Mostly replacing HD's, FD's, sound cards, etc.. Upgrading RAM, processors, etc. The most time consuming common task they deal with is reformatting a system and doing a clean install of the OS.

    As far as developing:
    Read. Read. Read. Think of a simple problem you'd like to solve/task you'd like a program to accomplish. Write out your design for the app (even if it's just using a 1 page flowchart). Code your app and test/refine it until it runs flawlessly.

    Case in point - I write Window's apps exclusively, but when I need to test something (or if I'm just curious as to how something will work or which method will accomplish it faster) I write a simple Console app to test my algorithm/structure/etc.. I've learned so much from writing simple little dos console apps to solve 1 specific problem.

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    That simple huh? I've been doing that kind of maintenance with my brother since I was 5.

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