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Thread: amd vs. pentium

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    My thoughts exactly... if you know it runs hot, get it some decent cooling.

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    Personally I love my AMD XP2000
    With the proper heat sink my core temp never jumps above 52c (about 125f)

    Now a quick comparison.
    My dads box has a P4 w/ 512ddr pc2700 at 333mh. Thats the new chip
    Now i'm running a XP2000+ with 512pc2100 at the usual 133mh.
    Everything else is the same. With the exception of the motherboards and my debugger*.

    Same graphics card(GF4)
    Same ethernet
    Same software on loads at startup*
    Same size/speed HD
    Same OS
    Same 10button game pad.

    Using my stop watch at his request, we times are machines and these where the results.
    My booted at 15sec, his 23.
    That is completely booted and ready to go.

    Using trueSpace to render the same animations.
    Mine 5h3m52s
    His 6h42m03s
    Not much of a deference there.
    Most of that the graphics card did. Only the radiosicity (Lighting) what performed by the cpu.

    Now the real test.
    Microsoft's CPU stress test. Included with their SDK
    My dads could handle:
    2 threads
    1 time critical, busy
    1 high, busy
    with about six seconds lag when pressing the startmenu button on the keyboard

    2 threads
    both time critical, busy
    with about eight seconds lag on the start button.

    Try that on a 1.2gh(p3 i think) cpu and your froze.
    His had more that 30sec. lag

    In my opinion amd is the current way to go.

    Originally posted by erikcn
    AMD,s processor is up in smoke when the CPU cooler is removed.
    If anyone removes the cooling system on a high speed processor, I WILL constantly call them a dumb a$$.
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    the limits provided by time, complexity and tolerance.
    - Nor

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    Exclamation Hostensteffa, double-post detected!

    Don't double-post.

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    AMD for desktop, Intel P3 for laptop

    During the following months by next year, when I have enough money, I will get an AMD ClawHammer 3GHz+.

    For laptop, I'm getting a Pentium III-M with an ATI chip w/ miniman of 16-32MB VRAM (64-MB is good but expensive).

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