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    ASM - assembler

    does anyone know of a good asm assembler/builder/compiler I downloaded MASM, but it keeps giving me an error. and its NOT my program, its masm. if you know of one please put a link to where i can get it here. thanks
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    Try debug
    Its what I use

    although it is kind of outdated and not really an assembler...but more of an assembly interpreter of sorts...

    MASM is a very good Assembler...just try playing with the settings and maybe it would assemble your code.

    What company's MASM did you get? I am guessing MS MASM, try IBM or something like that.
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    NASM or the Netwide Assembler is extremely good. Look it up on and you will get a link to it so you can d/l the entire thing.

    Very good free assembler. I can't stress the very good part enough on this one. Go download it today.

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    of course, then you have to get back to thinking about the actual reason assembly is being used... if it's inline c/c++ it may be a bit more complicated.

    i agree with bubba, use nasm.

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