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    I am presently looking to build a portfolio of large-scale database applications. I am looking to build various sample applications that show skills of database programming, object-oriented analysis and design and overall application implementation.

    The applications I need to build are preferably on a 3-tier structure. I just need some ideas for software solutions, ones that could really be used in the “real world”. My first thoughts were of creating a banking application, creating use cases for various elements such as customers, ATM’s, bank clerks etc. However, I believe this idea is a little too typical and “unoriginal”.

    Could some of you “experts” provide some solid software ideas so that my portfolio can look like it is very professional?

    The portfolio of solutions I shall build need to demonstrate my abilities of good database programming, object-oriented programming, analysis and design, and other skills mostly relating to database application development.

    I thank you very much in advance.

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    Well I plan to do the same thing and I picked a bug tracker software as my project. An app that the QA department use to report and track bugs in a software project. Then the developers can deactivate the bugs when they have corrected the code. You can do plenty of things with passwords and different access levels.

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