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    Question asm bsf statement

    has anybody here used the assembly statement bsf?

    I am looking at optimizing my gravity and collision detection code, and I was thinking of using bsf to loop through my variables and find the first set bit.

    but then I tried using bsf in just a little sample piece of code and I could not get it to work using inline assembler. Has anybody in here used it before? I would like to see its usage in inline asm...
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    No, but you may need to state the compiler you're using as they all seem to handle inline asm slightly differently. This works on MSVC -

    #include <iostream> 
    using namespace std; 
    int main() 
    	int a = 4,b=0;
    	_asm {
    		bsf eax,a
    		mov b,eax
    	cout << b; 
    	return 0;

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