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Thread: Do you listen to music while programming?

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    left crog... back when? incognito's Avatar
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    Do you listen to music while programming?

    Do you like music while programming?
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    Yes, I always have the radio turned. Sometimes a CD, but radio gives more variation and I can hear the news. Which is usually a break for me, listening to the news.

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    While programming I'm always listening a heavy metal music .
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    oh i'm sorry! i didn;t realize my fist was rushing to meet ur face!

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    Non-English or Instrumental music is all. I prefer blasting Rammstein 24/7, so I guess that includes programming.
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    Intranasal Heroin User Xterria's Avatar
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    i cant concentrate on my code when I'm listening to music

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    Used Registerer jdinger's Avatar
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    Feb 2002
    I'm exactly opposite, Xterria. I can't concentrate if it's too quite.

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    Microsoft. Who? MethodMan's Avatar
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    I always listen to music while writing code. Here is a suggestion, listen to the musical TOMMY, by the band The Who. Its great!

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    I listen to music while I program.

    Mainly, cartoon / movie / video game theme remixes, and ICP.
    On my 4 15" PA speakers, being powered by 900watts ( currently ).

    I like a nice massage while programming.
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    Yes, I listen to music all the time, especially when I'm on the computer!

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    It depends on how much I have to concentrate (being a dumbass). If it's on something that requires thought I need complete silence.

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    If the music stops, I'm dead.
    "There's always another way"
    -lightatdawn (

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    Registered User Aran's Avatar
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    yeah, i'm constantly listening to DREAM THEATER!!!!

    hehe... dream theater owns the world, AND your family.

    eat that, batman.

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    When I program, I listen to "Nothing else Matters" by Metallica

    well, it happens...

    I also listen to all the other 'tallica songs... When I'm stuck with something, I usually pick up my guitar and jam away....

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    Talking Re: Do you listen to music while programming?

    Originally posted by elchulo2002
    Do you like music while programming?
    Absolutely yes !
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