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Thread: Do you listen to music while programming?

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    yes, the radio is invaluable to it points out the on the hour, every hour...dont you find you lose track of time otherwise? i.e when the news comes on, at lesat i check what ungodly hour it is now.
    Such is life.

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    Not whem i doing C programming, coz its stressful . . i need far more concentration than ever . .

    i listen to music when im doing javascript and html . .

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    Originally posted by Xmevs
    When I program, I listen to "Nothing else Matters" by Metallica

    well, it happens...

    I also listen to all the other 'tallica songs... When I'm stuck with something, I usually pick up my guitar and jam away....
    Good choice....

    When I'm programming I listen to "ONE" by Metallica. One of the best songs ever.
    Can't program without music.

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    I listen to Tool and A Perfect Circle when I code, I listen to Tool all the time, so when it is going in the background it doesn't bother me or make me lose concentration.

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    I listen to soft music when I'm programming. I find that if I tune something else out, I can really concentrate. "Aqueous Transmission" and "Echo" by Incubus are two really good ones.

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    When I'm programming I do, but when I'm learning new concepts, I have it turned off (can't concentrate).

    "The best way to get answers is to just keep working the problem, recognizing when you are stalled, and directing the search pattern.....Don’t just wait for The Right Thing to strike you – try everything you think might even be in the right direction, so you can collect clues about the nature of the problem."
    -John Carmack

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