Thread: remember, there's a cprogramming site which this board belongs to...

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    How about..

    an article repository that anyone can contribute to?

    Also, the board should be on the main page... Link everything else off of it. Or maybe the main page should be just a news page, where the webmaster and mods can post news and links to submitted articles and places of interest, and everything around that. The static front-end in place now doesn't really give a lot of information, and I think some people might be turned away by it instead of coming to these boards (unless we don't really want these people...)
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    I think an article library type of thing would be good. Kind of like what has...

    It would allow us to just come here, read some articles, and maybe discuss them too in the good ol' gen. disc. board.
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    hmm... ok, I know what you're saying about the whole static page thing... that's all I've done up to this point, and while it has it's merit, dynamic pages are where it's at... but can I say one more thing? Why do we need ONE MORE FREAKIN NEWS PAGE?? There are other pages to get that stuff...

    take your pick...

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