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    what fields do you fellows specialize in?

    any masters around here?

    it'd be nice if we could establish a list of specialists that can be called in to debates on these boards to verify/nullify arguements that are based in their fields.

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    You want some umpires for the arguments?

    TWEET! Unsubstantiated facts, ten minutes in the sin bin.
    "Man alone suffers so excruciatingly in the world that he was compelled to invent laughter."
    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    My Jedi powers are strong...but I am not a master yet.....

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    Ummm i graduated high school with a d in english (: But i'm an a+ certified hardware tech if that counts

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    I'm going to finish my 4th year of college. And I think it is now safe to say I'm allmost (not yet) an expert in beer

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    But when I look at someone else his avatar, I think I may have some competition

    ::looks at Shiro's avatar::

    Shiro, you have good taste

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    >But when I look at someone else his avatar, I think I may have
    >some competition

    Well, there are some people here from Germany. I guess they are more competition than me.

    >Shiro, you have good taste

    Wow, thanks. Someone from Belgium telling me I have a good taste of beer, great!

    [Dutch]Wat bier betreft kunnen we nog veel van jullie in Belgie leren.[/Dutch]

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    [dutch]En geef mij maar de lekkere jonge Hollandse Gouda. Eet ik elke dag bij mijn boterham. Hollandse kaas en Belgisch bier, de perfecte combinatie[/dutch]

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