Thread: Removing words from MP3

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    Removing words from MP3

    I need to remove the words/singing from an MP3? Is there any way to do this? So that you just have the music.
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    yes, but lowers the quality of the music

    voice in modern music is usually done on both sides at the same volume. the other music is offset somewhat. using this computer programs, like goldwave, and stereo mixers can edit out voice. the problem is, often other music gets edited out too. the result may be totally unexpected.

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    There are processors to do this like Vocal Eliminator but there's really no good way unless you can get the original recordings and remix without the vocals.

    Here's an explanation-
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    try doing something more challenging, like removing specific words from a song...

    example: um, i.. um.. i guess i dont have an example. sorry.
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    > I need to remove the words/singing from an MP3? Is there any way to do this? So that you just have the music.
    If you wish to remove only, and specifically only human can't.

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    Best you'll come up with is a vocal / mono cut.
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