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    Who here has ever heard of the IGDA? (International Game Developers Association)

    Do we have any members of IGDA here at the CBoard?

    I just found out about IGDA a couple days ago, when a good friend of mine, who is going to Fullsail Game Design college to become a game designer and programmer, told me that he was part of IGDA.

    He said that they often have people from game companies come and speak, and that they basically discuss a lot of aspects of game programming. He also said he met some people and signed on with a game company that is just starting out.

    I went to the IGDA website ( and checked it out and I am thinking about joining. It is $100 a year for a normal member, but $25 a year for students, and students get just as much features as the normal members do, so I am thinking about forking out that $25 and joining this thing.

    Anybody else here part of IGDA?
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    I got the application in a copy of Game Dev. magazine a few months ago but I've just been procrastinating. I've been meaning to join I just haven't sent my app. off yet.

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