Thread: REgarding Golden Bunny / Ruflano

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    REgarding Golden Bunny / Ruflano

    note: i was going to pm this to kermi, but doubleanti directed me to post it.

    (this was sent to you under the direction of doubleanti)

    As you may have already observed, the person who posts on these boards under the name Golden Bunny and Ruflano has a sort of vandetta against me. This vendetta arose for the singular reason that the said user was accosting people on these boards and getting impressionable newbies to join his game 'development' team. This 'development' team was a group of people whom he assigned random tasks to and/or attempted to teach C++ to. Now, from some of his posts on the C++ board, it is evident that he is NOT by any means a coder that should be teaching anyone, let alone a newbie. He was a poor impression upon these newbies and bestowed upon them some bad coding habits and was generally a bad influence. He would create chatrooms on AIM and invite a bunch of random people. In these chatrooms he would take a totalitarian control and tell people to "shut up" when they expressed opinions that were not in keeping with his. Golden Bunny would frequently call people in these chat rooms sexually explicit names and attempt to insult their intelligence. He frequently said "calm down" to me when i attempted to offer him advice and he refused to listen to kind words.
    Now, a few weeks ago, GOlden Bunny decided, after talking with me in his horrid chatrooms, that i'd make a better leader than him, so he abdicated his 'development' throne and i ascended to power. I let GB into the development enviroment with three individuals who i knew could do a good job coding. GB created some problems and was a nuisance to us, so i let him go. He then begged for me to let him back in, but i wouldn't let him return. A day or so later, i got word from someone in his crowd that i should watch out for files sent to me by him, because they may contain trojans or viruses because he was plotting to do something using one of those two potentially harmful devices. A few days later he invited me to another chat room, and we argued again over nothing important. Then i left the chat room and blocked him. I let some time pass, and then ublocked him to give him a second chance.
    So he gave me a greeting one day and then he threw me a proposition: i would be his mentor and he would no longer call me names or argue with me, or i wouldn't and he would continue to bother me incessantly. I thought to myself that he couldn't possibly do something else stupid, so i accepted being his mentor. That same night, in one of his chatrooms, i informed him that i wasn't mentoring him because i liked him, but because i had pity for him and i wanted to improve his skills. Being the egotistical individual that he is, he proceeded to act like i was insulting him, and he got bitter. A few days of tension passed and today came around. Today I recieved a chat invitation from GB, and i accepted. GB unprovocedly insulted me in this chatroom when a new person entered, and i rebutted his insult attempting to not have people have a bad first impression of me. TO make a long story short, GB and i got into an arguement and i decided that he had broken the terms of his understudying so i broke off communications with him. GB proceeded to get his friends to anonymously warn me constantly on AIM, and make my life needlessly difficult.

    I fear that he will attempt to lower my reputation through posting regarding this situation. I don't want a flame war to break out, so i decided to inform you of the situation. The events that i told to you are not slandered. You can ask Azar_Tazar on these boards or IM xxouedipusxx regarding this for verification.

    I'm sorry to bother a busy person like yourself, but i thought it would be in the benefit of the community if you, the master of the mods, was informed of the possible crap to come.

    Aran Elus

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    Don't worry, I don't think anyone like him. I surely don't.

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    i have seen this in his room

    you are correct he is often very pushy, yet I feel that he has recruited some young minds that are eager to learn either C++ or SDL and I have been teaching... he himself is often pushy, and by the way dont worry about those files he sends.. he asked me to review the source for one and correct it.. which i did to prove something to him, his "trojans" which basically try to GPF and may call system("format c:"); are not trojans at all, a simple format c: command will never actually format c: without a user knowing, it shows many warnings before proceeding. He will send people files that will open up a dos box and ask if they want to clear contents of C:. so they hit 'n' and continue on with their lifes... he also needs to respect the need to get a basic grasp on C++ before entering graphics, a point I have not been able to teach him yet

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    He replied to a post I made in general discussions with, "Quit making stupid posts".

    It's general discussions!
    I'm tossing the idea out there.
    If others do not view things like I do, I'm not hurt any.
    If I get a few replies, or even replies critisizing, or discecting my personal beliefs, I am not insulted.
    After he replied with his knowledge and wisdom, I deleted my thread in disgust.
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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    >>I fear that he will attempt to lower my reputation through posting regarding this situation.

    Worry not I don't think anyone int heir right mind will believe much of what GB will say... also, I do not judge people by what others say of them, rather by their own actions.
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