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    HTML advanced question

    A friend of mine is trying to get a Tottenham Hotspurs fansite up and running. He also made a custom 404.htm file (which appears each time a non-existing page is requested). When that page appears, in the address bar it gets like this:


    What I want to know is how can I make the second argument (theinvalidfile.html) appear on the website? I consider myself an expert on HTML, but I have never seen anything like this...

    PS: It's just a regular html page, no php, asp or anything.

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    The '?' symbol is a seperator between a page path and the params that are sent to the page

    Look at the following

    <input value="Hello World" name=param>
    <input type=submit value="Go">
    That will add "?param=Hello+World" to the end of the URL...

    You need a form of CGI to take proper use of this though....simple html is not much use here

    Try looking at ASP, JSP, PERL, PHP or one of the other CGI favorites

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    Yeah, I know all of that, but I think it's the server that adds that to the end of the address when it redirects to the 404 page... I never really thought there was a way to use variables in HTML, but I thought this was strange... maybe it's just for the fasion...

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