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    Angry RMA's and online retailers

    I had a great system running for 3 months then all of a suden the mb got fried. I sent it back to NewEgg overnight express. They recieve it the next day like they should, then they dont touch it for almost 3 days! Then after they finally take a look at it, it takes another day and a half before they decide it is fried. Finally it takes them another 2 days to send me a replacement! This really ........ed me off, then i pay to have it sent back to me 2nd day, well today's the second day and no package, I call fedex and they say that tomorow will be the second day b/c they dont count friday pickups. I was like what what what! That is f***ing BS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to suggest newegg to my friends but forget that this is the worst customer service ive ever recieved, and ill never buy anything from a store now that only ships fedex.
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    I mis ordered 2 geforce 3's, and they took one back full refund with no restocking fee.

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    Re: RMA's and online retailers

    I can do you one better xds4lx. For a graduation gift, my parents got me a laptop at a major electronics retailer (don't blame them, they didn't know any better, and it was to be a surprise, so its like they could have asked me.).

    After using said laptop for less than a month the sound card blew. No system sounds, no CD playback, no nothing. Thankfully Mamma (in all her wisdom) purchased the extended warrenty. So I go to the local retailer to their "Customer Service" dept and inform them.

    Am told that they do not do repairs on site and have to ship the laptop to Houston, TX to fix it. I ask how long it would take, am assured at most it will be 2 to 3 weeks. I say that it is acceptable and we proceed to fill out the paperwork and they take the laptop.

    After 3 weeks I have heard nothing, so I call up the local retailed and inquire as to the status of my laptop. Am put on hold for approximately 15 minutes. Someones come back on the phone list and asks me for whom I am holding for, I tell her and I am put back on hold for another 3 minutes. Then I am transfered over to the "tech" in Houston who is working on my laptop. He has the gaul to tell me he has yet to work on my laptop. I let him have it verbally.

    2 days later I get a call from the tech and he informs me that he was not able to repair the problem. I told him that the sound card went out, all he needed to do was replace it. He informs he had already done that 2 times and it still didn't work. I asked him if he installed the correct drivers for said sound card. He says "What are those?". I ask him to send back my laptop along with "proof" that he has installed the new sound card and any documentation from said sound card.

    2 weeks later I call retailer again to inquire on the status of my laptop. Again, am transfered to "tech" in Houston, who informs me that he has lost the paper work and could not remember which store my laptop came from. Let him have it again.

    After 3 months (from shipping date to Houston) I happened to be in the neighborhood of the retailer, drop in so that I can assault them with my tire iron. Ask if they have recieved my laptop yet. Am told that it was received "about 2 weeks ago". Let her have it so bad, she ended up crying and leaving for the day.

    Get laptop and take it home, plug it in and power it up. Guess what, NO SOUND! Call retailer up, ask for manager and let him have it for incompetance (as he was/is the representative of that retailer). Pen a sternly written lett to local owner and parent company about their lack of "Customer Service" and overall incompetance.

    Call local manufacturer licensed to work on my make/model of laptop. Tell them of situation. As the sound card went out before the makers 1 year warrenty, it can be fixed, free of charge. Take it the next day. Wait 15 minutes, help myself to free refreshments, am called. Pick up my laptop and it is powered up in front of me, proving that the sound once again is working.

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