Thread: Learning C++ - Finding Classes

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    Learning C++ - Finding Classes

    Hi. Iím currently trying to find classes to learn C++ during the summer but I donít know where to begin. I wanted to know if there were any listings I can check online or where I should look to find registration/classes to learn C++. Thanks a lot for the help and support in advance.

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    Just get a good book. I recommend Thinking in C++ if you don't have that much experience programming, and The C++ Programming Langauge if you have some reasonable amount of experience (have completed a >500 line program, for example).
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    well if you've been following my threads, at first i was looking for an internship, not im looking for a class
    well, what im trying to do is to actually learn the language first and forget about the internship.
    But in the future, i thought either fora job or internship after i learn the language or multiple language that in the resume, it would be better for them to see where i learn then myself teaching myself... and also if i had any questions or anything i can ask right away? But it's the same as learning by myself (in a book)? And wouldnt really effect if i get an intern or not because they would test my skills?
    Kinda confused...just wondering

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