Thread: All Time Favourite Song?

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    All Time Favourite Song?

    What's your all time favourite song?

    Mine is "Lightning Crashes" by Live. It is on there 2nd Album Throwing Copper (if you don't count, The Death of A Dictionary when they were known as Public Affection).

    The song has a beautiful instrumental, and the lyrics are deep and meaniful.


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    I don't know, it's tough to narrow it down to just one song. It would probably have to be "Psycho Killer" by the talking heads though if I HAD to choose one.

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    "Psycho Killer" by the talking heads
    Oh yes, that's a good one. I have the same problem. Too many good songs. At the moment it's Dark Mavis - Mansun (from Attack of the Gray Lantern)
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    Just one song?!

    Well, if I had to choose it would be The Silver Cirlce by Faith and the Muse.

    Then again, that would be for today, can't tell for sure what it'll be tomorrow.

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    Hmmm.., Now thats tough to choose. It depends on the mood.. sometimes i like soft songs [rarely though]/music and sometimes loud.

    Still after some thinking i'll say currently its a tie between..

    Butterfly - CrazyTown and My Name Is - Fatboy Slim (mix)

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    either five corporations by fugazi, fire maple song by everclear, or a song i can't remember the name of by meat puppets
    but it changes every hour.

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    Oops i did it again by Britney Spears!

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    Northern Virginia/Washington DC Metropolitan Area
    Metallica "One"
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    Bob Marley "Concrete Jungle"
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    It's hard to choose one number one song, because you change sometimes and you like different songs from day to the other as your favorite one.
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    Agreed it's hard. Now what's your favourite!!
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    my favourite at the moment is "Learning to Live" by Dream Theater. (dream theater owns you, your family, and all of your pets)

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    "Das Modell" by Rammstein and "Speiluhr" by Rammstein... "Blue Monday" by Orgy also ranks up there.

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    I like almost anything Disturbed.
    And I like System of a Down,
    oh and Linkin Park.

    Or if anybody lives close to atlanta, EVERY THING THEY PLAY ON 96 the Buzz

    But if I had to pick just one, Probably Voices by Disturbed,...
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    i feel old...i haven't heard of 95% of the bands mentioned, nevermind the songs...

    i currently like
    Man on the moon (REM)
    Seasons in the sun - underated lyrics, its not a happy song....

    Baby Stevey likes Britney.....especially the one when shes dressed as a schoolgirl...."oooohh baby baby......." fills his diaper every time (and not with poo)
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