Thread: How could Ferrari do this.

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    I read in the paper today, that several leading bookmakers are refusing to pay out for the MS "victory", and the biggest group in Sweden have now stopped taking bets on F1.

    I also saw that Ferrari, MS and RB have been invited to a meeting with FIA.
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    Yeah, the announcers on the broadcast I was watching were stunned when RB let RS go by. The commentary went something like this:

    "You don't suppose Ferrari will order Barichello to let Shumacher go by again this year, do you?"
    "I really don't see that happening David. RB has just signed a new contract with Ferrari. What would that do for his confidence?"
    "Here's the point on the track where RB let MS by last year."
    (No indication of RB letting MS by at this point)
    (Right before the finish)
    "Is RB going to let him pass?"
    (Schumacher whizzes by Barichello)
    "I don't believe it!!!"
    "How can this happen?"

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