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    Lol. just cuase us programmers can program and u cant, (cuase if you can you r one of us), doesnt mean we have no lives. lol
    i have had three girlfreinds in 4 months, i have friends, i like being a student, (i am only 13 yrs old) i love my life.
    that said i think talking on this board about some stupid subject like this is kinda... PATHETIC, we are suposed to talk about programming.

    ~the kid

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    This only barely qualified to get moved to the General board as opposed to being deleted...
    "There's always another way"
    -lightatdawn (

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    >better yet, go OUTSIDE!

    I went there once, but it was full of morons. Please don't make fun of me Overclocker you're just too cool for this board, I'm sure your time is much better spent posting rubbish on other boards.

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    Well I have no life, I have no friends.....Well I did hear of the phenomenom called friends on an article I read once. And this outside you speak of seems to be quite interesting, there's these big poles with green sheets, and some of them actually have food, I think they're called trees. Oh I saw a picture of one online, here I'll give you a link to one. trees

    No but seriously, I do have a life, I just like coming to this message board period
    There are some real morons in this world please do not become one of them, do not become a victim of moronitis. PROGRAMMING IS THE FUTURE...THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!!!!!!!

    "...The only real game I thank in the world is baseball..." --Babe Ruth

    "Life is beautiful"-Don Corleone right before he died.

    "The expert on anything was once a beginner" -Baseball poster I own.

    Left cprog on 1-3-2005. Don't know when I am coming back. Thanks to those who helped me over the years.

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    Uhhh...probably have more friends than you, just broke up with my girlfriend, must play basketball a minimum of 3 hours each day, not to mention running and working out. C'mon...feel my bicep .

    The board's sort've a spare-time thing.

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    Hmm...I wonder who this "Overclocked" person is. Is he a frequent?
    Show me a man who cannot bother to do little things, and I'll show you a man who cannot be trusted to do big things.

    -Bill Cosby

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    Yeah, bring it on big guy. We'll beat you in a knuckle fight anyday (As long as my knuckles are only there for observation purposes).

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    Overclocker huh?....sounds familiar.....

    And what's this about a fight? .....I havent had a proper scrap in years....!!!!

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    Fordy will twat us all with his massive post count!

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