>First off... bite me <

Bend over .

We speaka da same lankwadge. I have a linksys cable modem
doubling as a firewall, but it doesn't log anything, so it's really
no fun. But I don't care. I feel safe because Norton'c can detect
Back Orifice and Sub 7, and I don't go to the kiddie sites like
AIM, and I don't d/l anything via IRC. I'm also very careless
in just about everything I do, save for composition, which is my greatest gift.

Most script kiddies ply their trade at some college or public
library (opinion). These Code Red and Nimda guys are a different
breed and very non-American, I'd say, too. I think now that we're
at war they'll get caught in the tightened security.

Have you ever read Hacking Exposed? It gives you the step-by-step
skinny on how to hack and how to implement counter measures.
A must read primer for anyone who wants to learn hacking.
LOL protecting yourself from those evil Chinese. They did put
my site down for the greater part of a day. So what? Que sera.

rick barclay