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    Talking Hey, I just installed XP professional and...

    Hey, I installed xp professional, and a lot of the programs I run, cause an error screen to appear and it says that win. explorer has to close. Then it gives me the option of sending a report. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem?

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    Your problem would be a little thing called Windows ANYVersion. Uninstall that and everything will work much better.


    (Sorry, i couldnt resist. I really dont know what the problem could be as I dont run XP. Try posting the exact error you're getting.)
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    Yes, I've had similar problems with alot of the older software I have on my computer. plus for that matter some software that was written for the XP platform. The only thing I can tell you without the exact error is to send in the report, which you simply go online and then click send. Afew days later, if anything works ideally their should be a windows download to fix the problem. What can i say but are we surprised that Microsoft shipped an operating system with flaws in it?

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    >>What can i say but are we surprised that Microsoft shipped an operating system with flaws in it?

    I'm not surprised by MS OS full of bugs.

    I'm surprised so MANY people use it before the first serious patch (some even PAY for it).
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    Talking Simple

    Uninstall XP
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    There is a bugfix for XP called "Linux" ;)
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    Sorry for out of all the Windows OS XP is the best one, I want to run linux on my maching but my modem, won't support it.
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    You did a fresh install. I wouldn't really trust any install of a os without formating and reinstalling.

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    Sigh, make sure that you have the latest updates for your computer. Another problem might be is your XP is nol legal and cracked in witch is seems many people have experenced problems with using.
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    the problem is occuring cuz most of ur programs might be pretty old.

    and are incompatible with WINXP

    so dont flame MS for this

    it is his own fault.

    if u running XP compatible software/games
    try reinstalling it
    b4 reinstalling, make sure u backup ur data, then format or re-partition ur HD.
    also make sure ur BIOS is up2date.

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    "try reinstalling it"

    it meaning XP or the game?

    In other news: i would never install XP without reformatting my HD first... i like having a clean system to work with, it avoids more problems than it creates.

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    MS is good........Linux is not good.....XP is I don't know cause I can't get my keycode to work.....


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