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    labeling cds

    how do they put logos and pictures and stuff onto cds, and why do burnt cds look different then regular ones. rocks!!!

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    get a cd labing kit with some cd lables at your local computer store. Burnt CDs look differnet because "normal CDs" are made using a bunch of big machines which work diffently then a home cd burner and use a diffent type of CD to write to. I belive the cds just have the groves stamped into them.

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    Wierd thing


    Wierd thing is that they always tell you to protect the underside of the cd.
    So I used to chuck them down on the topside so as not to scratch the underside.

    Errr lets just say dont scratch the top either!!!

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    hehehe, one time I was tricking my portable cd player into playing when it was open, I thought, cool man I can scratch some paterns in here while its spinning, bye bye cd rocks!!!

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