(Partially directed to Lynux)

I had posted a message about disabling alt+space the entire time a program is running and you had mentioned some stuff about it along with searching yourself ( I believe ). I seriously need this for my program, but I haven't been able to find much anywhere ( here, google, chat rooms, etc ) for the past week or 2.

I found this:

I downloaded the FreeBlock's source code ( C ), and it notes that it only works on Win95 . It obviously requires windows.h....but I haven't gotten anywhere with it. I don't need everythin disabled, just alt+space - without editing my program's properties. This program allows you to enable the feature at the start of your program, then disable it at the end.

-- edit --
somewhere along the line someone told me I would need and independant thread to handle this while my main program is running - a sub class....that sounds Windows / MFC-ish to me.