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    Recursion link

    I thought you all might be interested in this great link I found on recursion.
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    huh. your page is intriging. but wait... there's a link. let me click on it.

    //edit: huh... for some reason this page gets old fast. maybe this link will finally lead to something interesting..

    ////edit: no such luck. maybe this time...

    //////edit: ya'know, this could be a dumb blond joke. [stereotype]only dumb blonds can be stupid[/stereotype] but i believe this time, i will finally reach the page at the end of your maze.

    ////////edit: huh. i got something called a "stack overflow.", then explorer shut down, then it told me that one of my windows will be closed. let me try the link one more time.

    //////////edit: aw shucks, why don't you just tell me what information about recursion that page had?

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    You should show your work.
    void explain_recursion( void )
        if (person == "moron")

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